For those who are passionate in witnessing shows at Opera houses and at the same time have fun together with friends and family; The Nutcracker Live Ballet Show will surely fulfill your need.

Originally performed at the Marinsky Theater of Russia, the center of Kirov Ballet, the idea of E.T.A Hoffman was put into life when Tchaikovsky interpreted the book into classical music. Inclined with a sophisticated ballet routine, the Nutcracker Show was born.

From 1892 up to the 1930’s, the influence of the show gained wide responses and popularity from Russia to Eastern European countries spreading over the Atlantic until the 1940’s. The San Francisco Ballet was the first American ballet group to perform it in full length.

Famous not just in the European regions and the United States, the show has been performed worldwide. Equipped with talent and skill, the Ballet groups that perform the Nutcracker show do so with truly defined sophistication and seamlessly perfection.

Most of the individuals who have witnessed the live performance are genuinely amazed with the musical arrangement and the choreography of the show, making the opera house lively and enthusiastic.

This annual event is held during the holiday season; from November up to Christmas, perfect timing for families to bond and share the magic together at the Live Nutcracker Ballet Show. Please check below for available tickets for Atlanta Ballet performances.