This satiric nature in a musical aspect was written and created by the tandem of Jaston Williams and Joe Sears, with the help of Ed Howard. ‘A Tuna Christmas’ musical play is the second of the series; before there was ‘A Greater Tuna’ and ‘Red, White and Tuna’. Depicting a fictional setting in the southern part of North America, the city of ‘Tuna’, Texas is also the third smallest city in the whole State.

Describing the simple life of the residence in a small town through musical form, Williams and Sears comically delivers the two act show as portraying every role in their part; regardless of its age, gender and what for in a different and eccentric way possible. The musical had its first debut in 1981 with ‘A Greater Tuna’ premiere. Ed Howard directs the play while the two actors have to capacity to go around the whole process of production.

The plot focuses on the yearly competition of Christmas Yard Display, in which the championship has been bagged 14 times consecutively by Vera Carp. The unknown at mystical ‘Christmas Phantom’ however, has a passion of crashing down the yearly event, but by this time, wants to set the entire contest on fire. In addition to that, some of the subplots are present such as: Stanley Submiller, an aspiring taxidermist played by Wiiliams expresses his will to leave Tuna at the end of his term; Bertha Bumiller, played by Sears, is exceeding her best to keep the family tied together especially this holiday season and the problem of Joe Bob Lipsey to overcome challenges on his production of A Christmas Carol.

On the other hand, ‘A Tuna Christmas’ has been nominated in different categories; Joe Sears won as a Best Actor in the Los Angeles Dramalogue Award in 1993 and William got nominated twice as a Best Actor as well.

However, on the latest news about ‘A Tuna Christmas’, the three of them are currently handling different personal project as we speak, there will be no scheduled tour of the musical show, but do not forget to check out the local show as it might be there. And let us wait for the available news in the future. Meanwhile, there are still ‘A Greater Tuna’ and ‘Red, White and Tuna’ to wait.

Perfect for those who are interested in watching a funny musical with different taste, ‘A Tuna Christmas’ is sure one of the best. Please check below for available tickets for A Tuna Christmas for a location near you.