This highly acclaimed Broadway musical from the New York Times, ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ is undeniably funny and witty to its core. Prepare those lungs for laughing because this show will be a hilariously excellent comedy musical to watch out for. Ben Brantley of the New York Times described it as ‘a classic, with a revelation of a score… you know you are listening to the sound of success’. ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ is a state of the art musical production and is one of the best Broadway shows available today.

‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ was solely adapted from the 1992 film of the same name and was directed and written by the same person, Andrew Bergman. Its debut was held at the Paper Mill Playhouse, beginning this season.

With its comedic setting, one of the main characters, Jack Singer, has an unorthodox fear about the idea of settling down. He then wakes up one day to overcome the fear and finally has the guts by asking his long-time girlfriend Betsy to a marriage proposal. The two mutually and passionately decide to get married in Las Vegas. Tommy Korman, a soft-spoken, smooth-talking gambler in one of the Vegas ‘casinos, lands his eyes upon Betsy, hoping to get another chance to feel the true meaning of love. So then, the plot emerges.

With the entire production ensemble together to plan ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’, the brilliance of its core idea was made possible by director Gary Griffin and its choreographer Denis Jones. Provided that the setting is held in Las Vegas, expect extravagance with all the set design and the glamorous performers on their own luxurious looking costumes. There is a lyrically-wit musical score that has been influenced by jazz and bossa nova. This Broadway musical show will captivate the attention through the entire duration of the performance.

‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ is already touring in different cities across the United States so better check the dates and make sure to avail their tickets online. Its first time premiere is as surely as exciting with Rob McLure, Tony Danza and Brynn O’Malley, the main characters of the show about to unfold the triage situation of a love story that will happen only in Las Vegas, so check it out! Please check below for available tickets for Honeymoon in Vegas for a location near you.