Be ready to get mesmerized as the emotional turn of rollercoaster waits, with a burst of joy and tears as the ‘Hereafter’ musical sets its touching story to the stage.

Truly sent from above, the show is currently performing in different locations across the United States. Heartwarmingly plotted between the vantage of those who have gone to the afterlife and to the loved ones that is obliged to cope upon the loss; a share of enlightenment together with the feel of gladness and sadness combined is the core focus of the ‘Hereafter’ musical.

The theme of ‘life and death’ is seldom among Broadway musicals, but opposed to the mainstream, ‘Hereafter’ is able to materialize its substance to understand the overcoming stage of mortality.

Its story began when three women decided to travel to Middletown, New Jersey in search of the famous medium in the character of Jason Richards. Overwhelmed with frustration, they want to make contact to the souls of their deceased loved-ones, and might as well have a closure to what the mortals left them, grief and sorrow.

However, as the communication has been initiated by the medium, they did not realize that the contact began to bring it’s forth to the reciprocated feeling of the dead; showing their perception with same feeling that the mortals feel; the hard stage of moving on. Until they realize during the process of reading that the only thing to do to remove them from the limbo of frustration in the hereafter is acceptance and closure.

As revealing as its gets, the greater feeling of grief has grasped the emotion of many people who have experience the stage of losing a loved one. But the feeling of the departed has been more excruciating because they were not able to show it to them, just imagine the feeling of frustration that covers them.

In the end, the positive side of the ‘Hereafter’ circulates in the whole concept of overcoming sorrow; and to that, both of the parties must share the mutual feelings of acceptance, for them to experience peace in the present world and the hereafter.

With the original musical score such as ‘Toe Tag Tango’, ‘Rest in Peace’ and ‘Goodbye’, the musical Broadway hit ‘Hereafter’ is sure to bring out the laughter and tears among the audience. The concept is moving and has a bittersweet taste that will be remembered by those who were able to watch the show. Please check below for available tickets for Hereafter for a location near you.