Around 1892, a new show had been performed at the Marinsky Theater of Russia also known as the home of Kirov Ballet. The combination of two ballet dancers in the character of Lev Ivanov and Marius Petipa created a two-act ballet; commissioning Tchaikovsky to put life into dance through his musical talent. For over centuries now, the Nutcracker Ballet show continues to entertain, not just the people in Eastern European countries, but around the world.

Its live performance, with the San Francisco ballet group and other popular groups in the world of ballet, men, women and children, joined forces to showcase the yearly event that begins in November until the December winter holiday season.

From the idea of Petipa and Ivanov, George Balanchine developed a virtuoso dance routine that became popular in the world of the Nutcracker show. Since then, it has become known as the ‘Nutcracker of all Nutcrackers’.

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