Calling all families that are still unsure where to spend the holiday season! This will be a chance to witness the spectacular performance of the Live Nutcracker Ballet Show.

Each year, from November until December, you can view the Nutcracker around the world and witness the wonders of ballet and theatrical acting combined together. The story of the Nutcracker will undoubtedly be loved by everyone, including the young ones.

Tagged as a two-act ballet, the Nutcracker has been performing now for more than a century that started from Russia to the Atlantic parts of the world. In the new generation of ballet, the show has been consistently successful in whichever part of the world the performance has been in.

In addition, Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece was well aligned with the ballet dance moves that empathize the viewer’s perception of high class talent. Kids that are highly exceptional in terms of ballet dancing are also some of the participants in this year’s show. Expect a lot of sophistication and compassion as they take the vivid significance of the show and place it directly in front of the audience.

Do not forget to check to the schedule and ticket prices of the Live Nutcracker Ballet Show online. Please check below for available tickets for Joffrey Ballet performances.