In the United States, the stage is set for the annual ultimate performance of the Nutcracker Ballet Show. Schedules and ticket availability for the Carolina Ballet can be found below.

The Nutcracker Ballet happens from November through the winter holidays. This show is surely to be placed on the top of the list, family-friendly and good for all ages when planning for a Holiday activity.

From Russia with love, the first ever performance of the fully furnished Nutcracker Show occurred in 1892 at the Marinsky theater of Russia; also known as the home of Kirov Ballet. From then on, the Nutcracker Show became famous and highly acclaimed from around the world.

Many of the spectators who watch the live performances are amazed by the fact that it is a two-act ballet. With all the prestige of the performers on stage, it brings out the magic that the Nutcracker show is aiming for.

The live Nutcracker Ballet Show is a perfect fit for families, individuals or groups who share the same passion of watching ballet at the Opera House. Please check below for available tickets for Carolina Ballet performances.