During this holiday season, a lot of customary traditions spread around the world. Celebrating the birth of Christ has become widely festive depending on a country’s form of observance. Aside from prayer vigils, gift giving, family, feast and outdoor activities, families have the option of spending the holiday indoors or exploring the outdoors. Some of them would like to catch a Broadway show. Coinciding with the holidays, different musical presentations are also everywhere. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is one of those holiday musicals to watch out for.

The title was adapted from the book of the same name by Charles Dickens that was written in 1893. The musical version was written by Mike Ockrent and Lynn Ahrens with Alan Menken as the original musical score.

Focused on Scrooge’s life, different characters coordinating in more than a dozen songs is the main synopsis of ‘A Christmas Carol’. At the end of the act, the entire cast joins together and sing ‘Christmas Together’. With a full set design and numerous wardrobes; the show is made possible through the hard work of the entire production team and cast of characters. The cheerful vibe of ‘A Christmas Carol’ has brought joy to all the families who experienced watching the show together with Ebenezer Scrooge.

The show has gained widely positive feedback from the audience and the professional critics as well. Nevertheless, it has been a fulfilling experience to see them live with your very own eyes. ‘A Christmas Carol’ is a show that is familiar not just in New York City, but almost in all parts of the United States. It brings the Christmas spirit to the people every Christmas season. With Scrooge’s ghostly encounters that make him realize that there is more to life than wealth, this musical show depicts the true meaning of Christmas, peace, love and sharing blessings with the loved ones. These things are the most important things in life, not just accumulating money. Please check below for available tickets for A Christmas Carol at a location near you.