Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved of its animated movies and has brought this classic fairy tale love story to millions of kids and adults since it was first release. Its success goes beyond the big screen though and the touring musical production based on the movie is just as popular. This live show brings all the famous characters to the stage and fans will be delighted to get their chance to see just how good the production is when viewed live in person.

The show typically opens to a full house, with theater-goers of all ages turning up to enjoy the performance. Beauty and the Beast revolves around the story made famous in the movie, where a young prince changed into the Beast by an enchantress must find love to break the spell before the last petal of an enchanted rose falls. When an old man lost in the forest finds the Beast’s castle, he is captured and only released when his daughter, Belle, takes his place. This sets in motion a romance that finally breaks the spell when Belle tells the Beast she loves him to turn him back to the handsome prince he once was.

Highlights of the animated movie include many great songs and this is the same for the stage show. Some of the best are when the entire cast is assembled on stage to sing and include ‘Human Again’ and ‘Be Our Guest’. The songs of Belle are also special, as is the dance between her and the Beast. The spectacle of the show is something not to be missed, with the great characters, iconic costumes such as Belle’s yellow ballgown, and the amazing sets making it a night to remember for anyone that attends. Beauty and the Beast will play in several states throughout the United States. Purchase your Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Tickets today. You will find show listings below.

Relive the unforgettable love story of Belle and the Beast as Disney produced a Broadway presentation of the magical fairy tale of two hearts. Together with Cogsworth the clock, the teapot Mrs. Pott, Lumiere the candelabra, and Chip the teacup, witness their live performance that will make you sweep away with a theatrical talent of portraying characters.

A lot of projects were in line in the remake of one of the most renowned love stories of all time. Catch a live performance and regain that nostalgic remembrance. Share the same feeling with your children.

Belle and the Beast’s love story will be told in live action. With Gaston standing between their affection at first, the good won over the bad with the help of the mob. The Beast was first reluctant to accept Belle inside his castle, but later realized that she could be the key to lift the curse. Thus, another happy ending was written into the history books.

The romantic tale of two hearts catches they eye due to the colorful costumes and highly skilled set designers. To add liveliness, sophisticated scenery is arranged depicting the animated version. Beauty and the Beast made its first debut in November of 1991, performed in front of an audience of 1,500 people at a theater in Sunset Boulevard. For over 23 years now, the magic still lives on and continues to capture the hearts of young and old alike.