For kids and kids at heart, the annual ice skating performances of Disney never fail to provide smiles and amazement. For the parents, it is a great reward for their children, nevertheless, a huge smile on the faces from their beloved young little kin is a big reward for themselves as well.

For years, Disney’s shows have been widely known around the world. The movies, cartoons and books that were produced have always been a huge hit. As a token of gratitude towards their fans, they hold a yearly performance involving another fun activity, ice skating.

Back in 1981, the ‘Disney on Ice’ tour started with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Chip n’ Dale, as well as Goofy and Pluto. They were the main iconic Walt Disney characters. Talented figure skaters were dressed in costumes together with music that combines skill in ice skating and theatrical aspects. The show toured all over the world including America, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The recent ‘Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate Show’ opened in September of 2009 and gained wide positive feedback from all individuals who watched the show. Aiming to provide happiness to children, the show was indeed, a success. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are always there to start the show, followed by Jack Skellington’s Halloween haunt and the Disney princesses’ royal ball. The kids won’t be able to turn their back to the show once the stage is set; given the fact that children are always excited to see new things and witness fun shows with lights, music, dance and of course to witness their favorite Disney characters.

The event itself is enough to make the children wanting more. Disney shows are always fun to watch, proving a feeling of nostalgia for the parents and adults who were fond of Disney princesses and prince charming growing up.

Enough said, the ‘Disney on Ice’ tour is a great opportunity for a day of joy and bonding among family members, especially for those who have kids. Please check the listings below for a show near you.