Kids are usually obsessed with the idea of royalty and this is especially the case with young girls. They love princesses and their eyes usually light up when they see things such as tiaras and beautiful dresses which are associated with princesses. This is a great reason it would be great if you would consider taking the kids for the Disney Junior Live Pirate & Princess Adventure where they will be awed and entertained by the characters.

From your seats you will get to watch spectacular plays that portray very innocent and fun princesses that your kids will surely love. The kids will get to learn a lot while enjoying themselves at the same time. You will get to watch the royal family prepare for royal celebrations. Watching this will help give you and your family an idea about what it means to be royalty. There will also be special appearances by other characters who easily connect with kids. Purchase your Disney Junior Live Pirate & Princess Adventure Tickets today. You will find show listings below.

Kids will surely be delighted upon witnessing Sofia and Jake on another Disney Junior Live: Pirates and Princesses performance on stage. Together with their parents, children’s amazement seeing them live in a theatrical form is priceless. With Mickey and Minnie Mouse as the long time host of most of Disney’s live acts, it is enticing enough to gather the little boys’ and girls’ attention.

The show features Sofia, the first princess together with her entire family getting ready for a royal feast after she successfully learned her lessons for being a true princess, with a special participation by one of Disney’s prime princesses Cinderella. Afterwards, Peter Pan and the gang will tour, Jake and his company to the magical world of Never Land but to no avail. Captain Hook will battle against them to pursue the hidden treasure underneath the splitting fire of a mystical volcano. Jake will finally learn the perks of being a heroic character after the duel ends in triumph against the Captain who’s afraid of ticking clocks and crocodiles.

But to make the excitement more intense, the pre-show performance of Doc McStuffins is an entertaining additional bonus. Watch her and all her lovable toys in front of the theater as she shows magnificent healing powers covered with compassion, love and magic. This special pre-show act will make the children crave for more Disney live shows.